​Poetry  is where  the intent  of the  heart/mind

            (hsin) goes.  What  in the  heart  is intent  is

            poetry when emitted in words.  An emotion  moves

            within and takes form in words.  If words do not

            suffice, then  one sighs;  if sighing  does  not

            suffice, then one prolongs  it [the emotion]  in

            song;   if  prolonging  through  song  does  not

            suffice,then  one unconsciously  dances  it with

            hands and feet.  Emotions are emitted in sounds,

            and when sounds  form a pattern, they are called

            tones.  The tones of a well-governed  world  are

            peaceful   and  lead   to  joy,  its  government

            harmonious;  the tones  of a chaotic  world  are

            resentful  and  angry, its government  perverse;

            the tones  of a defeated  state are mournful  to

            induce  longing, its people in difficulty.  Thus

            in regulating success and failure, moving heaven

            and  earth, and  causing  spirits  and  gods  to

            respond, nothing comes closer than poetry. 
Preface to the Shih Ching


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