She lays in wait of the sunrise, aspiring to surprise the sunrays with her vigilance. The body clad in the beauty of nothing, eager for the embrace of the warm sunrays. She lingers in the valley of passion; becoming one with her desires, ambling down the secret passage of envy, the clarity of silence is her reminder of the fervour long hidden.

She recalls the times of old, the time of vows, the sacred wish, the forever mysterious pledge, which brings faces of forgotten moments to her vision state. Her illusion enchanting even the merest wish to that passionate edge, of slight embraces, of desires exchanged

She senses these are the keys to the secret delight of self. The chimera offered in devotion to the unseen, yet known, the beauty of her – entwined with the delusion of the dream lover. Dancing slowly to the playful rays, gathering the teasing sprays of colour with her eyes only to release them gradually into the revelation of perfection.

She follows the rays of sunshine shimmering on her skin with butterfly touches, tiny beads of perspirations form to trickle down the ecstatic essence of self, gradually falling to her feet creating the illusions of elation. The body reaches for more as the passion drives her into a frenzy of delight, yearning for the escape of all.

She nears the crescendo of the symphony, the beauty of self explodes to the music of the Universe as the gift of Pleasures grasp her sensual being, the core of her soul becomes her dream. The dance of the sun slows to stillness; her truth mounts to redress the offer…

Hers is the adventure of a touch, a gift to nurture, becomes one in this excellence, her furtive screams willed to the passionate embrace of magick, the self soaring past the sun, into the reward of a golden escape where all else fades to nothing. Her wild ardour roars to the unfathomable ignited waves of euphoric ecstasy.

She loses herself in the blinding energy of joy, offering the seditious touch to the heart of the delusion, defining the secret needs she hides so well, offering her cavernous resolve to the sun as a reality of the forever.

She slowly channels the senses back to the actuality of the world, feeling the clarity of her delight seep through her mind to her body, the tingling of the worship presented to her with such beauty.

Cara Vermaak


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